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Director for Prospective Development


In his current role, Vitalii is responsible for commercial and investment issues of BGCC methanol project in Ust-Luga as well as strategy and new projects development.

He has worked in BGCC since 2015. Prior to this role, Vitalii served as a Head of Strategic Marketing in SIBUR. His main area of responsibility was long-term analysis of hydrocarbon and petrochemical markets, company’s future risks and perspectives. Before joining SIBUR in 2011, he worked in Department of Energy at the Institute for Energy and Finance Foundation in Moscow, and his last position was Head of Energy Markets Division. Vitalii was a member of the Thematic Group on Strategies, Forecasts and Scenarios of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue.

He has received master degree in economics in National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Vitalii is the author of nearly 30 publications on energy economics.