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Stephan Windels


Virya H2

Stephan graduated as a master in law at the KUL and holds a business economics degree from UAMS. In 1996, he started his career in the sustainability department of Colruyt Group.

In 2004, Stephan joined logistics and production, serving as head of department and eventually taking the position of division manager.

In 2012 Stephan started Eoly, a new renewable energy company within Colruyt Group. In 2017 he also took the lead of DATS 24, the fueling business unit, actively developing new mobility (EV, CNG and hydrogen).

Since April 2023 he’s working with Virya H2, part of the new renewable energy holding ”Virya energy”, a new company focusing on the development of sustainable H2 projects.

Stephan serves as a board member of FEBEG (the Belgian energy producers and suppliers federation) and of the Belgian Hydrogen Council.