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Director Cabinet to State Secretary

Ministry of Energy, Romania

Niculae Havrileț graduated from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. After graduation, he started his professional career in the Romanian company Romgaz, working especially in the natural gas distribution activities. Between the years of 2000 – 2001 he served as President of the newly established State Domains Agency. From 2002 until 2012 General Secretary for Romanian National Professional Association for Natural Gas Sector (ANPROGAZ). During 2012-2017 he held the position of President of ANRE, the national regulatory authority in energy, and actively took part in the most important decisions regarding the transformation of the energy sector such as: stock exchange listing of the state-owned companies Transelectrica, Transgaz, Romgaz, Nuclearelectrica; the privatization of Electrica company on the stock markets in Bucharest and London; the fully liberalization of electricity and natural gas markets; establishing of the 4M Market Coupling (4M MC) CZ-SK-HU+RO; supporting the development of electricity production capacities from renewable sources by managing the GC support system fulfilling the 2020 UE target; OTS’s  certification as ISO; approval of the specific exemption for BRUA corridor;

As of 2017 up to 2019 he worked in the Ministry of Energy as a personal advisor to the Minister of Energy, and since December 2019, until March 2021, he acted in the position of Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, as head of the Department of Energy.

Starting from March 2021 he holds the position in Ministry of Energy as a Director Cabinet to State Secretary.