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Gabriele Mazzini

Team Leader AI Act

European Commission

Gabriele Mazzini is the architect and lead author of the proposal on the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) at the European Commission, where he has focused on the legal and policy questions raised by new technologies since August 2017. Between 2009 and 2017 Gabriele studied and worked in the United States. He was Associate General Counsel at the Millennium Villages Project, an international development initiative across several sub-Saharan countries founded and directed by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University economist and senior United Nations advisor, and he worked with early stage start-ups in the field of emergency communications and smart energy solutions.  As EU official, he previously served in the European Parliament and the Court of Justice. He holds a LLM from Harvard Law School, a PhD in Italian and Comparative Criminal Law from the University of Pavia and a Law Degree from the Catholic University in Milan. He is qualified to practice law in Italy and New York and is a Connection Science Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.