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Gabriela Dan



Dr Gabriela Dan has 16 years’ experience as marine geologist and geohazards specialist. She gained experience in slope stability assessment during her PhD at IFREMER, in France, within the Mediterranean slopes. The thesis was performed within a European network program and she was able to attend various national and international congresses as well as marine research surveys.

Following the thesis, Gabriela joined Fugro in France where she started as geologist and geotechnical engineer working offshore and onshore on geotechnical site investigations and become a geohazard specialists for oil and gas seabed and subseabed infrastructures, pipelines, windfarm projects, electric and telecommunications cables.

After 21 years spent in France, Gabriela was assigned in March 2021, as President of the Romanian Competent Authority for offshore safety oil and gas operations in the Black Sea (ACROPO). The Competent Authority controls all safety aspects of the offshore oil and gas installations in the Romanian waters.

One of the fundamental new requirements of Directive is the preparation and submission by owners and operators of a Report on Major Hazards (RoMH) for every offshore installation. The RoMH aims at providing evidence that the overall risks from the installation (both to operators and to the environment) have been reduced to an acceptable level. Along with the documentation evaluation, ACROPO perform inspections and investigations, but may also act as consultant for different Ministries, Agencies and Operators.