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Egil Nybakk

Vice President Projects


Egil has a long track record of projects within developments, construction, change management, and merger/acquisition for budgets ranging from millions to billions, and in my 20 years of successful career I have practiced my project management skills to improve settled processes within line organisations, Operations & Maintenance. Every time with great outcome.

Egil is eager to build, change, and improve organisations through major turn-arounds and strategically important projects. 

Responsible for Projects in the Valhall, Hod, Ula, and Tambar Assets. Valhall has produced astonishing one billion boe since 1982, and they have ambitions producing another billion. The portfolio of projects is extensive and comprises an impressive suite of greenfield and brownfield projects, technology development (as digitalisation, automation, robotisation), as well as decommissioning and removal of old installations. Projects are executed mainly by means of Alliances in Integrated Teams. In the portfolio is the Hod project, which has been the symbolic bridge between the Covid-19/oil collapse crisis and the future for the contractor industry, which in Norway is needed for the green transformation. The Hod project has been delivered as promised, despite the pandemic. We will also transform Valhall by removing more than 40,000 tonnes steel from the Valhall area in the next few years, and create new infrastructure generating cash flow for the welfare and the green transformation for the benefit of the society. We will also create cash flow from the late life of Ula and Tambar, and we have a nice suite of projects including drilling new targets and exchanging power turbines.