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Turbulent Flux



Turbulent Flux provides ready-to-use simulation software for flow insights for the oil and gas industry, enabling you to monitor and optimize your production efficiently. High accuracy, fast deployment and low maintenance are core to us. Our simulations are based on a hybrid model that combines the predictive capabilities of physical models with the speed and self-correcting abilities of data analytics. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, we are a trusted software provider to clients in all parts of the world.

🔍 Getting started with physics based virtual flow metering

🔍 Combining Physics and Machine Learning to Understand Multiphase Transient Flow

🔍 Why transient beats steady state

🔍 Evaluation of Data Driven Versus Multiphase Transient Flow Simulator for Virtual Flow Meter Application

🔍 Real-Time Flow Stability Advisor

📑 FLUX Virtual Flow Meter