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Plant "Spetskabel" is a Russian developer and manufacturer of cable and wire products for fire protection, industrial automation, digital communication systems, alarm and control systems. The company also produces a wide range of cables for the petrochemical and oil refining industries.

One of the key developments of "Spetskabel" in this direction are universal cables SKAB-S, resistant to ultraviolet, oils, aggressive environments, sea water and salt fog, as well as to shock and vibration. Products are frost-resistant and are operated at temperatures up to -80 °C, and are mounted up to -60 °C. Also among the advantages of SKAB-S cables are combination for specific tasks, use in explosive zones and any climatic conditions, increased noise immunity from external electromagnetic fields. In 2022, the Spetskabel cable plant received an INTERGAZCERT certificate of conformity for SKAB-S products.

"Spetskabel" pays great attention to product quality control. All cables undergo a series of tests in the laboratory of the plant, which includes testing for strength, heat resistance, resistance to physical and chemical factors. Only certified raw materials are used in the production of the Spetskabel plant.