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Sharp Reflections uses Big Data to identify hydrocarbons and estimate rock properties from pre-stack seismic data. Pre-Stack Pro is a modern data science application that integrates processing and quantitative amplitude analysis on one high-performance platform. Interpreters can effortlessly load, scan and analyze huge, TB-sized gather datasets in memory, significantly reducing cycle time – from days to seconds. High-end interactive processing tools remove noise, boost signal, and optimize data for interpretation. Analysis tools efficiently map reservoir targets, delineate sweet spots, and predict fluid fill and rock type directly from pre-stack gathers using a rich set of algorithms. From classical AVO attributes to direct lithology/fluid inversion and azimuthal data analysis for fracture/stress orientation, our software offers a complete solution within a single, fully integrated toolkit.

We have offices in USA, UK, Norway and Germany to support the software as well as to provide proprietary services and training using Pre-Stack Pro.