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Polymerupdate is an independent media organisation with over 100 staff. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has offices in key overseas locations including Istanbul, Turkey and Dubai, UAE. Polymerupdate produces real time news feeds, daily price assessments and analysis of various petrochemical products. The company hosts industry-leading conferences under the brand name RACE (Recycling And the Circular Economy) and has a training division under the Polymerupdate Academy brand label. Polymerupdate services several thousand clients in over 71 countries. These clients use Polymerupdate data to settle contracts, index physical trade, for analysis and as benchmarks while negotiating deals. Polymerupdate was founded in 1999 and is a privately held, India registered company. Polymerupdate, the Polymerupdate logo, RACE Conferences, Polymerupdate Academy, Polymerupdate TV are trademarks owned by Shalimar Infotech Pvt Ltd.