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PlantStream is automated CAD with phenomenal precision and speed that converts the expertise of skilled plant design engineers into algorithms.

PlantStream inc. is a joint venture between Chiyoda Corporation and Arent Inc. The EPC industry continues to face serious design challenges, such as its human and environmental burden, which have yet to be solved. We started PlantStream in order to share our solution to these industry-wide challenges by developing and providing automated CAD.

● Incredible speed & high accuracy of auto pipe routing . 1000 of pipes can be auto routed in about 20 seconds, reducing piping and cable design manual work man-hours by 80%.
● Intuitive 3D layout modelling. Easy Drag & Drop intuitive user interface that enables users to create intelligent and realistic 3D models.
● Various type of data importing and exporting functionality. PlantStream 3D Models can be exported & are compatible with widely used 3D Plant tools allowing seamless EPC execution.