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Penthol is a global organization in the supply and distribution of oil products and petrochemicals.

Penthol was founded in 2002 based on an experience of 30 years and has steadily grown to become a major player with global reach. In close cooperation with several refineries and manufacturers of petrochemicals, Penthol is the marketing and supply source of many companies around the world.

Penthol is the exclusive distributor of Group III base oils of ADNOC refinery in the United States. The company is offering 3, 4, 6 and 8 cSt Group III Base Oils from its storage tanks in the U.S. Gulf Coast. Penthol supplies ADNOC group III into Turkey and CIS countries, Africa and Latin America.

Penthol also distributes Group II base Oils from various refineries in Asia, Middle East and the U.S.