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Moxba Metrex is the biggest spent catalyst recycler in Europe and the most sustainable base metal recycler in the world.

We are offering a total spent catalyst recycling solution by supporting the complete process from unloading up to the production of new products. This includes packaging, compliant paperwork, logistics, thermal treatment, and finally, the transformation of the base metals into REACH certified alloys.

Our in-house recycled metal products/alloys are saving 85% CO2-emissions per produced metal unit. So, by recycling spent catalysts, we are producing only 15% CO2 compared to conventional mined metals! No other spent catalyst recycling company can compete with this. The vast majority of the energy used in our process is produced by hydropower installations, present around our production site.

Moxba Metrex offers:

  • Recycling of the base metals like: Ni, Mo, Co, V, W, Cu & Zn
  • Most competitive refunds for you spent catalysts
  • Full services portfolio
  • The most sustainable recycling process

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