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Infinit Group LLC specializes in the technological problems of many industrial enterprises and focuses on the following areas:
- cooling systems for furnaces, rolling mills, compressors and other process equipment;
- Industrial refrigeration, modernization and construction of AHUs;
- compression systems for air, APG and various gases on the basis of screw, centrifugal and liquid ring compressors;
The specialists of our company have extensive experience in solving problems of reduction of energy consumption for cooling, condensation, compression and transportation of various media at the enterprises of almost all industries: metallurgy, power, oil refining, petrochemical, machine building, food industry, etc.
In these areas our company performs:
Basic engineering:
- Selection of technical solutions for specific requirements of the Customer;
- Delivery of the main characteristics of technological equipment;
- Preliminary arrangement of the equipment at the customer's site, taking into account peculiarities;
- preliminary development of an automated control system within the framework of the project, taking into account the peculiarities of the Customer's APCS.
Implementation of turnkey projects, including:
- Development of the Design Assignment;
- Development of the detailed design for the construction or reconstruction of industrial plants;
- consolidated delivery of process equipment on DDP conditions;
- Engineering supervision during construction, erection and commissioning of industrial plants as well as training of the Customer's personnel;
- Construction and installation works;
- Acting as an EPC-contractor.
Provision of post-warranty and service maintenance of industrial plants.