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Ketjen crafts tailored, advanced catalyst solutions to complex challenges in the refining and petrochemical industries so our customers can maximize the performance of their assets and their business.

Because we are essential partners with industry leaders, our expertise helps power entire global value chains.

At Ketjen, the relentless pursuit of solving complex challenges while creating value energizes us to continuously innovate our offerings and provide proven, novel catalyst solutions to meet the profitability goals and performance requirements in today's demanding marketplace.

Ketjen’s advanced catalyst solutions are enhanced by our application expertise that optimizes the catalyst system design for each unit.

Our comprehensive range of catalysts work to transform low quality and heavy feedstocks into lighter, more valuable products. Our tailored solutions allow customers to convert feeds such as vacuum gas oil, vegetable oils and plastic oils into transportation fuels and chemicals.

Ketjen’s focus on advanced catalyst solutions and being a resilient partner who understands customers' needs allowed us to deliver unique, high impact solutions to each hydroprocessing unit.

We will partner with our customers to determine the best catalyst strategy for the results needed. Our expertise will help our customers in their unique journey of transition to circularity and renewables, increase profitability and drive success.