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Incomsystem has developed the innovative sulfinert coating technology incomsteel® to protecting industrial facilities from harsh corrosive environments: hydrogen, ammonia, water, methanol, etc. It is worldwide trademark protected the intellectual property in Russia, Germany, France, Israel, Japan, South Korea. The patented technology LPCVD applied to any part: from capillary column of gas chromatograph with a diameter of 1.5 mm to fittings and valves with DN 250 or 4000 cm3 sample cylinders.

For more than 30 years, Incomsystem has been a leader in petrochemical industry as a supply contractor of Process control systems, Custody Transfer Metering systems for crude oil, gas, gas condensate, APG, NGL’s, LNG, LPG, Industrial Process Analytic solutions/

Incomsystem has developed the SIBUR Standards «Metering Methods for APG, LPG, stable gasoline»; Gazprom Standards «The basic provisions Integrated Control and Safety system for gas processing plants»; INTI Standard for OPEK+ «Seamless and welded pipes of corrosion-resistant steel for pressure purposes».