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Honeywell UOP has been a leader in developing and commercializing technology for the oil refining, petrochemical, gas processing and hydrogen industries.


Honeywell UOP’s principal products offered to these industries are licensed technologies and processes, catalysts, adsorbents, packaged plants and key mechanical equipment.

As a respected pioneer, Honeywell UOP has nearly 3,000 active patents worldwide and has generated thousands more historically, leading to important advances in process technology, profitability consultation, and equipment design.

Honeywell UOP is committed to providing the most reliable and effective solutions on the market today, keeping our customers competitive and their operations modern, efficient and profitable.

Gonzalo Baillo, Senior Business Development Manager Clean Carbon Capture Technologies, Honeywell UOP will present during the Innovation and Technology session of the Summit.

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Gonzalo Baillo

Senior Business Development Manager Clean Carbon Capture Technologies

Honeywell UOP