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FiliGrade was founded in 2014 by Johan Kerver. Initially, the company focussed on copy detection solutions. Its invisible digital watermarks are currently successfully in use by large corporations to fight counterfeiters.

In 2016, the idea was born to find a solution for sorting and recycling plastics using “watermarks” as a way to contribute to fighting climate change and making the plastics economy circular.  In 2018, FiliGrade managed to embed the first digital watermarks in packaging. The brandname is CurvCode. Since, FiliGrade has further developed its digital watermarking technology based on the principles that the sorting solution should be simple, reliable, cheap and easy to implement in existing sorting plants. This is important for market acceptance. The proprietary technology for embedding digital codes in packaging is PCT patented (or patent-pending). CurvCode, the missing link in sorting, has been independently tested and rated at TRL 6.  Industrial testing to achieve TRL 7 and 8 is planned for April 2022.

Since 2021, FiliGrade Sustainable Watermarks B.V. was made responsible for the technical development and commercial deployment of CurvCode development.