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Eugenie is an AI-based solution for end-to-end predictive maintenance and asset performance management. Enabled with capabilities of predictive analytics and real-time insight generation, Eugenie has achieved proven results in the area of IIoT operations for the Industry 4.0.

Primary strength of Eugenie lies in its powerful capabilities of artificial intelligence that includes a robust decision support system. This is achieved by a three-step framework “Spot-Explore-Exploit”, which discovers insights from the data and also displays the root-cause and scenario analysis.

Eugenie’s Explainable AI includes the following salient features:

- Prescriptive Alerting
- Predictive Quality Assurance
- Condition Monitoring

With the ability to accurately predict device failures from the historical data-patterns, Eugenie can save maintenance and operational costs as well as enhance the security of systems.

Eugenie’s motto involves enabling our clients to achieve higher operational efficiency and machine reliability with a human-centered approach.