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DR-SYSTEMS develop, manufacture and take to market flat panel detector-based digital radiography (DR) systems for quick, reliable and efficient industrial X-ray inspection. DR-SYSTEMS international team of professionals in engineering, physics, modelling and imaging have developed innovative solutions in the advancement of DR technologies.
Portable Digital Radiography is the latest upgrading in Radiography. DR technology quickly transfers images to the computer so you can view instantly. DR Radiography is digital replacement of traditional X-ray film-based radiography and a step forward from phosphoric plate-based Computer radiography (CR).
Digital radiography systems come with many advantages:
They significantly reduce inspection costs by eliminating consumables (X-ray film, chemicals, phosphoric plates), as well as film processing equipment and film storage facilities.
X-ray exposure is reduced by a factor of 10 or more, resulting in safer operation and better efficiency.
They provide immediate inspection results and all the advantages of digital image processing and data transfer.
With the elimination of X-ray film and processing chemicals, the environmental impact is significantly reduced.
They are portable, compact and user friendly.

DR SYSTEMS presents:
Digital Radiography System
Xpress-Scan® is a unique compact portable digital radiography system for single or double wall inspection of 300-1420 mm pipe welds for pipeline construction or repair.
Portable flat panel detector-based systems for replacing X-ray film and phosphoric plates in radiographic inspection of various objects.
Automatic flat panel detector-based systems for inspection of longitudinal weld seams.
Automatic flat panel detector-based system for inspection of horizontal weld seams of tanks under construction.