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Digitalnauts are digital transformation specialists that focus on XR technologies (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) - we help companies create an immersive strategy and execute on it. Our team makes XR accessible to businesses in the energy industry by building and supporting immersive experiences for deployment at scale.

Our end-to-end solution, unprecedented in the XR space, consists of consultancy, content development and an XR management platform, and enables the strategic adoption of immersive technologies across different organisational departments.

HoloHub is our XR management platform for businesses that can help you fully integrate the newest emerging technologies in your organisation. From 3D and digital twins, engineering solutions, optimisations and training, you can securely and efficiently scale immersive transformation with HoloHub. It enables businesses to reduce the time and costs of adoption, while allowing full control over all of your XR assets and maximising organisational productivity and success.