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Wood awarded contract for Sangomar FPSO development to leverage digital capabilities


Wood awarded contract for Sangomar FPSO development to leverage digital capabilities

The FPSO facility is specifically designed for the processing of hydrocarbons and the storage of oil before being transported to markets around the world. On completion in 2023, the FPSO will have a production capacity of approximately 100 000 bpd of crude oil. - OilfieldTechnology

A multidisciplinary Wood team will implement a combined production management system (PMS) and virtual metering system (VMS) at the Sangomar FPSO control room and Woodside's onshore offices in Senegal and Perth, leveraging Wood's digital capabilities and Virtuoso® platform.

The Virtuoso PMS and VMS will provide real-time monitoring of the production system together with decision support for complex operations and advanced surveillance for hydrate and wax management. The PMS will ensure continuity of production and minimised flaring which reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and methane intensity of Sangomar. Further, the VMS minimises the number of subsea flow meters required for the development.

We are delighted to be able to continue our longstanding relationship with Woodside following the award of this new contract. As one of Africa’s leading natural gas markets, boasting over 450 billion cubic meters of reserves, Senegal is aiming to establish itself as a regional gas producer and exporter. We are proud to be part of this first-of-its-kind project for Senegal, which will play a key role in helping to achieve this goal.

Prabu Parthasarathy, Vice President, Intelligent Operations at Wood

The recent contract win follows on from Wood’s ongoing work with Woodside executing the flow assurance design analysis for the Sangomar FPSO development.

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