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White Space Energy will showcase a Game-changing AI for the oil & gas


White Space Energy will showcase a Game-changing AI for the oil & gas

White Space Energy is going to exhibit and speak at Go Digital Oil & Gas Middle East summit on March 19 in Abu Dhabi. Norbert Dolle, Managing Partner, will demonstrate its latest AI developments- Game AI solution, that is aimed to make a fundamental change for the whole oil & gas value chain.
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About the company

White Space Energy delivers state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to redefine complex decision-making in the oil and gas industry.

One of the latest AI developments, Game AI, impersonates the human ability to learn from experience, and as a result, has become renowned for achieving super-human performance in challenging games such as chess, go and poker.

WSE uses Game AI to support faster and better decisions. Applications span across the entire value chain from well trajectory planning, portfolio planning, rig sequence management and maintenance to decommissioning planning.

The company delivers game-changing results:

  • Up to 30% improvements in maintenance execution efficiency.
  • The potential to save tens of millions of dollars in late life OPEX. 
  • More than 10 times faster delivery of well proposals.

This Game AI approach demonstrates that augmented decision-making can add significant business value and transform the ways of working in our industry while humans remain in control.

Learn more about the White Space Energy and Game AI here.

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