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What does space and petrochemicals have in common?


What does space and petrochemicals have in common?

Bound by gravity and biology, we cannot easily step outside it, above it, or away from it. For most of us, Earth is inescapably larger than life. Even now, after nearly six decades of human spaceflight, just over 560 people have had this rarefied experience.

Oleg Kotov, 100th Russian Cosmonaut 1996-2016, will speak about his experience as a veteran of three space flights, including as the Commander aboard the International Space Station, at the CIS Petrochemicals conference on 12 April.

Space travellers are so uniquely able, amazingly well trained, have accomplished so many complex tasks and have worked with so many diverse groups from vastly differing cultures that they bring a belief and pass on a certainty that any problems can be solved through teamwork and partnership.


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  • Unique challenges of effective teamwork and motivation in extreme isolation and confinement
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