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Vanden Recycling invests in advanced testing, analysis technology to advance plastics quality


Vanden Recycling invests in advanced testing, analysis technology to advance plastics quality

Global plastics recycling business Vanden Recycling, has invested in advanced testing technology, further enhancing its support of customers that need certainty around the quality of their recycled plastic feedstock.  

Source: RecyclingToday

According to Vanden, which is headquartered in the U.K., the investment includes a new laboratory in Turkey containing high-resolution and high-accuracy equipment. The equipment will aid the analysis of recycled plastic and new material scanning equipment for its Australian, European and United Kingdom operations.  

These enhanced testing capabilities now allow Vanden to qualify material samples much faster, providing a more accurate assessment of material quality for customers.  

This includes the identification of plastic types, combinations of plastics, contaminations, multilayers, melt flow rate and density, which means even more certainty can be provided around material performance and consistency, as well as more accurate alignment with recycler or manufacturer requirements, the company says. 

The investment coincides with a recruitment drive to bring further technical expertise into the business to underpin Vanden’s core purpose of delivering certainty to the recycled plastic supply chain.  

The investment decision to expand technical capabilities globally is based on our goal to support end users who need certainty around feedstock quality. Vanden`s global presence with teams on the ground, working closely with suppliers and customers, enables us to access all types of plastic waste and recyclables. Correct identification of material quality at the source and the subsequent control through the production process is the main factor affecting the success of the plastic reentering the supply chain. 

Damien van Leuven, CEO, Vanden

Vanden says it is recognized as one of the world’s leading plastics recycling companies and recently celebrated 17 years of supplying recycled plastic to manufacturers across the globe and has ambitious plans for further growth during 2023 and beyond.  

To meet our ambitious growth plans, we are hiring across all our teams in every location. This industry is growing, and we are looking for passionate, driven, and entrepreneurial people to join our values-based company. Check out our Vanden Careers to find out more.

Matt Haynes, Global Human Resources Director, Vanden

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