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Uralchem intends to spend over 2.7 million euros on nitrogen ecology projects


Uralchem intends to spend over 2.7 million euros on nitrogen ecology projects

Uralchem intends to double its investment in environmental projects at the site of the Azot branch (Berezniki, Perm Territory), Rupec reports.

For these purposes this year it is planned to allocate 2.7 million euros. Project work has already begun. In particular, in 2020 a pumping unit for burning used oils was installed, which will reduce the environmental impact in the future. According to preliminary estimates, 237 tons of oils are needed to ensure the smooth operation of the Azot equipment.

"The new equipment was installed in the workshop of higher aliphatic amines. The task of the pump unit is to pump out oil products from any containers and send them to the waste incinerator. Thermal decomposition of used oils and other waste to safe components takes place there," the report says. Pump operation eliminates the risk of fuel spills.

In the future, it is planned to reconstruct the mixer of the wastewater treatment plant under the aeration tank at the Azot site. This will intensify the processes of biological wastewater treatment of the enterprise.

An automatic control system for air emissions has also been developed. The new mechanism will provide measurement automation, emission indicators control and transmit the necessary information to the state register of industrial facilities. In addition, this year it is planned to install a pulsation centrifuge in the workshop of nitrite-nitrate salts. The introduction of new equipment will reduce the concentration of nitrite ion and oil products coming with wastewater from the unit to the industrial canal.

The Azot branch of Uralchem is the only Russian company producing higher aliphatic amines, crystalline sodium nitrite, sodium, and potassium nitrate. The main products of the plant are ammonia, nitric acid, urea, nitrite nitrate salts, ammonium nitrate.