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Unilever targets carbon and plastic reduction with laundry capsules and packs


Unilever targets carbon and plastic reduction with laundry capsules and packs

The capsules will feature in Unilever’s laundry brand Dirt is Good also known as Persil, Skip, OMO and Surf Excel. The capsules will be packaged in cardboard boxes created by Graphic Packaging International. The FSC-certified boxes have been developed to lock out moisture better than current plastic packaging and prevent capsules from sticking to each other. - PackagingNews

Unilever said that the new capsules will “prevent over 6,000 tonnes of plastic entering the waste stream every year”. A new formula contains biodegradable active ingredients that are 65% derived from plant sources. Unilever said that it makes the capsules the “fastest dissolving on the market” and reduces carbon footprint by 16%. It added that when used in cold, short cycles, “consumers can save up to 60% energy per use”.

Working together with Unilever, we are delighted to see our innovative packaging solution launch under this iconic brand around the world. Our combined expertise in carton design, product protection capabilities and understanding of consumer behaviour has enabled us to create this superior, plastic-free and child-proof solution, enabling consumers and businesses alike to reduce their use of single-use plastic.

Ralf Mack, director new business development, EU consumer products at Graphic Packaging International

Through our Clean Future programme, our ambition is to make sustainable cleaning the compelling choice for every consumer by bringing real innovation to established mass market products. The research, development, and manufacturing skill that is required shouldn’t be underestimated. The new proprietary formulation and child-proof cardboard packaging is the work of so many people. This is our best and most sustainable laundry capsule yet – it is truly industry leading.

Dr Keith Rutherford, head of global innovation, Unilever Home Care R&D

The new product and packaging will launch first in France before rolling out to other markets.

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