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TotalEnergies joins Nextloopp recycling initiative


TotalEnergies joins Nextloopp recycling initiative

Nextloopp, the UK-based global, multi-participant PP recycling project launched by Nextek Ltd in October 2020 has welcomed TotalEnergies as its newest member.  The Nextloopp initiative brings together 48 companies from the plastics value chain with the aim of creating food-grade recycled polymer through the use of advanced mechanical recycling technology. Ultimately the project proposes to close the loop on food-grade PP. - SustainablePlastics

TotalEnergies’ participation and the extensive technical capabilities in creating circular solutions for PP resins which they are bringing into the initiative strengthens the project as a whole, according to Professor Edward Kosior, the founder and CEO of both Nextek Ltd and Nextloopp.

They contribute to the growing body of expertise in controlling the properties and formulation of their range of both virgin and recycled PP for a myriad of applications.

Professor Edward Kosior, the founder and CEO of both Nextek Ltd and Nextloopp

Nextloopp is the outcome of eight years of research and commercial trials, during which new technology was developed, which enabled food-grade PP to be efficiently and cost-effectively sorted from post-consumer material. After sorting the material, it undergoes a decontamination step that is rigorous enough to allow the polymer to comply with stringent food-grade standards. Nextloopp has recently completed a landmark study of background contamination of post-consumer PP packaging for its submissions to food safety authorities in Europe (EFSA), in the United States (USFDA) and in the United Kingdom (UK FSA).

TotalEnergies has joined the initiative, among others, to meet the growing customer demand for high-quality recycled polymers. The company says that the technology will enable it to further expand its recently launched RE:use polymers range, which features products containing mechanically recycled raw materials.

This initiative will allow us to go one step further in developing technologies to produce food-grade recycled material from advanced mechanical recycling and broaden our options for projects that contribute to our ambition to produce 30% circular polymers by 2030.

Nathalie Brunelle, Vice President Polymers, TotalEnergies

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