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Tolyattiazot will increase ammonia output by 40%


Tolyattiazot will increase ammonia output by 40%

According to the new development strategy of Tolyattiazot (TOAZ) until 2025, the company will increase ammonia production by 40% to 4.15 million tons and carbamide production by 2.5 times to 2.53 million tons, Rupec reports.

The development strategy approved by Tolyattiazot's Board of Directors plans to invest RUB 112 billion in ammonia production. The plant has set the goal of becoming the leader in Russia and one of the world's top five nitrogen fertilizer producers.

Tolyattiazot has identified as prospective projects the construction of a fourth carbamide unit, the construction of an ammonium nitrate and carbamide mixture unit, the completion of a transshipment terminal in Taman, and increasing the productivity of ammonia units.

We consider the achievement of the announced indicators in the medium term to be absolutely realistic since over the last seven years, a huge amount of work has been done as part of the strategic modernization programme: more than RUB 33 bln has been invested in upgrading TOAZ's production capacities.

Petr Ordzhonikidze, Chairman of Togliattiazot's Board of Directors

In addition to the construction of new production facilities, the strategy includes changes in the structure of sales on the foreign and domestic markets. This should result in a 3.3-fold increase in EBITDA by 2025.

Tolyattiazot is the leading ammonia producer in Russia and one of the three companies in the world with a capacity to produce over 3 million tonnes of ammonia per year.

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