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Systemiq and Ellen MacArthur Foundation join forces for a circular economy


Systemiq and Ellen MacArthur Foundation join forces for a circular economy

We are delighted to become a Network Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. This collaboration signifies a major milestone in our shared mission to accelerate system change towards a circular economy that is prosperous and socially just, and regenerates nature.

Source: Systemiq

Together, we will work towards supporting organisations to deliver the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

At Systemiq, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength that comes from aligning our efforts through partnerships. By partnering with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we hope to combine Systemiq’s deep knowledge in systems change, technical expertise in circular economy pathways and world-class credentials with clients, with the Foundation’s established position as thought-leader and field-builder for the circular economy agenda globally.

Through our partnership, we want to unlock the full potential of our combined networks, and we are confident that by working together more closely, we can accelerate and deepen our joint impact.

This partnership is important for several reasons:

Addressing global challenges: The circular economy provides a comprehensive systems solution framework to tackle critical global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and social justice. Through this partnership, we can drive tangible change on a global scale.

Guiding capital allocation: The positive economic narrative surrounding the circular economy, along with the use of clean metrics, plays a vital role in guiding capital allocation at scale. By promoting these metrics, we can ensure that resources are invested wisely, leading to a more sustainable and prosperous future. 

Resource security and supply chain resilience: In an increasingly multi-polar world, ensuring resource security and building resilient supply chains are paramount. Through collaboration, we can develop innovative strategies to mitigate risks and create a more sustainable global supply chain.

We have been working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation since the day Systemiq was founded in 2016. Formalising our partnership will allow us to further accelerate the transition to a circular economy that uses things rather than using them up and pave the way for a future that is prosperous, regenerative, and socially just.

We look forward to being part of the Foundation’s extensive Network to unlock new possibilities and create lasting positive change.

Ben Dixon, Partner and Head of Materials & Circular Economy

Systemiq and the Foundation will work together on thought leadership and analytical research — looking at topics including finance sector metrics and reusable packaging — and activating our respective networks to accelerate system change towards a circular economy. 

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