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State-of-the-art AI will fundamentally redefine complex decision making in oil & gas


State-of-the-art AI will fundamentally redefine complex decision making in oil & gas

Tom Savels and Norbert Dolle, co-founders of recent start-up White Space Energy shared their views and vision about the use of Artificial Intelligence in the Oil & Gas industry with Globuc.

As a team of insiders we all share a personal desire to make a positive impact across the entire industry. We see an enormous hype around Digitalization and AI, but are generally not impressed by the solutions that are being offered.We therefore believe that Oil & Gas can collectively do much better, and we want to help.

The term “digitalization” is often linked to a step change in improving entire processes or business models.Yet, most solutions that we have seen in Oil & Gas – at their core – really offer only small improvements.

We believe that digital solutions need to be more transparent, be more ambitious in the value they add, and focus on entire end-2-end processes. We also strongly believe that change and new ways of working are more easily adopted when these come from within the industry rather than being offered from the outside.

Over the last decades, AI has achieved super human performance in progressively more complex games,such as Chess, Go, Poker and Star Craft. These AI engines learn how to develop deeply complex strategies in the face of dynamic environments and uncertainties. We use that same state-of-the-art AI to fundamentally redefine complex decision making in Oil & Gas.

We have already applied our solutions across the full Upstream value chain, ranging from Well Trajectory Planning and Business Planning, to Logistics and Maintenance, demonstrating how the right AI assistance can add tremendous value to Oil & Gas organisations compared to conventional, and often very manual and iterative, work flows.

Our vision is one in which Oil & Gas organizations redefine their ways of working and centre the main processes around AI technology, eliminating functional silos and introducing more white space for their people to think and drive continuous improvement. An industry that remains attractive to the best young talent for decades to come. An industry that pursues innovation collaboratively, by sharing ideas and solutions. With White Space Energy we want to support turning this vision into reality.

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