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SLB and TDA Research to develop sorbent carbon capture technologies for industrial sectors


SLB and TDA Research to develop sorbent carbon capture technologies for industrial sectors

SLB and TDA Research Inc., a leading research firm, announced today an exclusive agreement to co-develop and scale up TDA’s emerging sorbent technologies for industrial carbon capture applications across the power, cement, steel and petrochemical sectors.

Source: SLB

Carbon capture generally represents 50–70% of the total spend of a carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS) project. TDA’s emerging sorbent technologies have the potential to significantly lower carbon capture capital and operating costs by reducing equipment size and footprint, simplifying associated process equipment, and lowering energy requirements.

The cost of carbon capture represents an impediment to CCUS growth. Over the coming decades, CCUS must significantly scale up to enable pathways to net zero. Through our collaboration with TDA Research, we will accelerate the development and deployment of sorbent technologies that reduce CO2 capture costs, supporting CCUS growth across industrial sectors. 

Gavin Rennick, president of SLB’s New Energy business

SLB will combine its research and development (R&D) and global technology industrialization capabilities with TDA’s R&D expertise to accelerate commercial development of TDA’s sorbent technologies.

Today, about two-thirds of CO2 emissions originate from industrial and power generation sectors, therefore bringing more cost-efficient carbon capture technologies to the market is key to mitigating rising global emissions. We are excited to partner with SLB to bring our portfolio of sorbent capture technologies to market.

Gokhan Alptekin, president of TDA

TDA’s emerging sorbent technologies address a broad range of industrial CO2 emissions, from low- and high-concentration point sources to direct air capture. The portfolio of TDA’s sorbents will target a variety of use cases.

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