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SLB, AWS and Shell collaborate to accelerate OSDU data platform adoption


SLB, AWS and Shell collaborate to accelerate OSDU data platform adoption

SLB, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Shell Global Solutions Nederland BV (Shell) have signed a multi-year three-way collaboration agreement to deliver digital end-to-end workflows for Shell, using SLB subsurface solutions on AWS cloud infrastructure.

Source: SLB

The collaboration is intended to deliver high performance and cost efficient subsurface digital solutions, to be used by Shell and made available to the industry. The digital workflows will use the OSDU® Data Platform standards to improve the positive customer experience by business users—increasing efficiency and collaboration, while producing better insights to Shell and the energy industry. This collaboration builds on the existing strategic collaboration agreement between SLB and AWS and accelerates the availability of SLB’s industry leading software including Petrel™ subsurface solutions and Techlog™ wellbore solutions, on AWS. 

Cloud-based computer power and reliable, available OSDU® Technical Standard-compliant data, will be a foundation for efficient subsurface workflows and help bring data to our engineers’ fingertips. Shell is committed to ongoing support and contributions to the OSDU® Forum Community, as well as to accelerating the availability of commercial solutions. Through this MOU with SLB and AWS we aim to accelerate the arrival of cloud solutions and enabling OSDU® Data Platform access.

Edwin Verdonk, Executive Vice President Development and Subsurface at Shell

SLB, Shell, and AWS are aligned on the importance and further deployment of the OSDU® Data Platform. Our long commitment to openness enables us to deploy SLB solutions with AWS. This expands customers’ choice of cloud provider, giving them access to AWS’ significant service offering and cloud computing power for wider collaboration and increased efficiency.

Rakesh Jaggi, President, Digital & Integration, SLB

The three parties share a long-term commitment to OSDU® Data Platform: community standardization, open source, open marketplace, the ability to liberate industry data, and to maximize the technology footprint available to the industry. The expansion of SLB’s multi-platform strategy to include AWS, demonstrates the potential of the platform’s openness—SLB solutions integrating successfully with AWS cloud infrastructure, without the requirement for costly and inefficient adaptation of applications.

This collaboration with Shell and SLB will set a new standard for application and data interoperability, to provide the best user experience at the lowest cost of operation. The combined capabilities across Shell, SLB, and AWS will not only ensure the delivery of value at scale, but will unlock areas of innovation where the collaboration will develop new approaches and solutions to the challenges faced in subsurface workflows seen across the energy industry. 

Howard Gefen, General Manager – Energy & Utilities, AWS

Many operators have a goal of adopting the OSDU® Technical Standard to accelerate cycle times and reduce costs, by building data-driven decision making into their digital workflows and switching between solutions from multiple vendors, with minimal effort. The three parties are committed to working together and with other partners to further this ambition and use the unique capabilities of an Open Forum platform. 

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