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Siemens seeks partnership with Nigerian government on energy transition


Siemens seeks partnership with Nigerian government on energy transition

Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo says the Nigerian Government looks forward to partnering with energy companies and other key stakeholders around the World in delivering its Energy Transition Plan, ETP. - Von gov

Professor Osinbajo said this when he received a delegation from Siemens Energy led by the CEO, Christian Bruch at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Siemens Energy “has shown itself to be a good partner with the Presidential Power Initiative,” and a lot more can be achieved “if we work together with the groups and teams we have already, to take ETP forward.

Prof Osinbajo acknowledged that Siemens Energy
Gas importance 

Addressing one of the major issues about the call for transitioning to renewable energy, the VP reaffirmed that gas would be necessary for Nigeria’s transition.

We have gas and it is not just an answer for power, but also for clean cooking. Clean cooking is a major component of our National Development Contributions and we are trying to transit from rural areas where kerosene is used, where firewood is used to Liquified Petroleum Gas, LPG.

Prof Osinbajo acknowledged that Siemens Energy

Need for political discussions which is why COP-27 is important for us. For African Countries, we have the Kigali Communique which addressed many of the important issues for us. One of the important issues is that energy access is key. We can’t talk about net-zero by 2060 without addressing the fundamental question of energy access for millions of our people who don’t have access. This is tied to poverty and development.

The Vice President further said

We are undergoing and I look forward to your input. We look forward to collaborating with Siemens and your cooperation would be appreciated.

Prof Osinbajo acknowledged that Siemens Energy

Mr Bruch sought to work with Nigeria on the ETP and applauded the Vice President’s role in championing Plan.

Fully committed to supporting Nigeria’s discussion on Energy Transition” adding that the company has a lot of technology to bring to the table “with around 26,000 patents around technology. Energy transition is a relatively complex matter which combines affordability, sustainability and security of supply. We have learnt that every region and every country must have a different plan because conditions are different. Diversity in the plan is required, also diversity of solutions. There is no silver bullet to drive the energy transition. It requires people coming together to discuss plans and solutions.

Prof Osinbajo acknowledged that Siemens Energy

Other members of the delegation include; the Minister of Power, Abubakar Aliyu, the Nigerian Ambassador to Germany, Yusuf Tuggar and the Director-General, Climate Change Council, Dr. Salisu Dahiru.

From Siemens’ Energy, Ms. Nadja Haakansson, Managing Director for Siemens Energy Hub Africa; Seun Sulieman, Managing Director for Siemens Energy Nigeria; Sean Manley, Project Director for the Presidential Power Initiative as well as other top executives.

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