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Siemens partners with Plastic Energy


Siemens partners with Plastic Energy

Munich-based Siemens and London-based Plastic Energy have partnered to help divert plastic scrap from landfills and incineration. - RecyclingToday

Plastics Energy uses a recycling process that transforms end-of-life plastics into recycled oils that can be used to make new plastic products, such as food-grade packaging. The patented technology is currently used in two plants in Spain where Siemens’ automation and measurement technology, including SIMATIC PCS 7 and COMOS MRO, ensure the smooth running of control systems and overcome the challenge of a complex mix of material consistency, Plastic Energy says.

To meet the growing demand for plastic recycling, Plastic Energy is building several larger facilities across Europe, Asia and the U.S., starting with one in The Netherlands with partner SABIC. These plants will be significantly upscaled and will feature Siemens’ end-to-end technology solutions, including distributed control systems (DCS), process instrumentation and low-voltage switchgear in the form of SIVACON S8 technology, Plastic Energy says.

The long-term collaboration will enable Plastic Energy to continually evolve its technology and process, implementing improvements for better efficiencies and product quality and achieve flexibility and scalability for its plant designs, the company says.

Plastic Energy also is working with Siemens to unlock further potential using a digital twin. This tool creates a virtual model to give better insights and closed loop optimization of process and plant performance.

We have viewed working with Plastic Energy as a long-term partnership from the beginning of our relationship, which brings together the process and industry knowledge of Plastic Energy, with our innovative technology portfolio. The result is a process plant that is flexible and provides the opportunity for value-add use of the data provided, through using SIMATIC PCS 7 and our instrumentation platforms. It is great to be involved with a company so focused on sustainability and contributing to a positive impact on the environment through recycling of plastic waste.

Steve Leech, business manager for Siemens Process Control Systems

Plastic Energy says its goal is to recycle 5 million metric tons of plastic scrap by 2030

Through our unique and patented technology and our long-proven process we achieve two important results: we prevent depletion of natural resources while simultaneously diverting plastics from incineration and landfill, thus protecting the environment from plastic pollution by decreasing the volume of end-of-life plastic waste that could end up as plastic pollution. Utilizing Siemens automation and processing software is important to ensure that our recycling plants are operating to their full potential and that we are able to continue to recycle as much plastic waste as possible.

Carlos Monreal, CEO at Plastic Energy

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