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Siemens, together for sustainability join forces on product carbon footprint project


Siemens, together for sustainability join forces on product carbon footprint project

Together for Sustainability (TfS) is a global initiative that aims to promote sustainability in the chemical industry’s supply chain. Founded in 2011, the initiative currently comprises 47 international companies, including some of the largest chemical groups, seeking to  assess, audit, and improve sustainability practices within their global supply chains.

Source: SustainablePlastics

TfS has now reached out to Siemens to collaborate on a pilot project designed to demonstrate the scalability of PCF data exchange across the chemical industry using Siemen’s Sigreen emission management tool. This tool connects companies with all their suppliers. Scaling up the exchange of PCF data across the entire industry is a crucial step towards the decarbonisation of the sector.

As a leading technology company and supplier of automation and industrial software, Siemens will participate in the pilot, using the learnings generated from the project to further its expertise in this space.

The partnership with TfS is a major step for the global chemical industry. We're helping an entire sector become more sustainable! This is a blueprint for other industries.

Roland Busch, president and CEO of Siemens AG

Sigreen allows the exchange of PCF data throughout the data chain in a secure and trusted fashion. This information can then be combined with the data from a company’s own value-creation processes to determine carbon footprints. Once companies have determined their carbon footprints, they can then take targeted reduction measures with a quantifiable effect.

Sigreen allows companies exchange emissions data from their supply chain securely and confidently. With this information, they can make better decisions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Roland Busch, president and CEO of Siemens AG

Depending on the degree of vertical integration, the upstream supply chain accounts for up to 90 percent of emissions, according to the CDP 2022 Global Supply Chain Report.

Sigreen will equip us with the solution for embedding our Product Carbon Footprint Guideline in operations at scale. This will enable us to tackle the chemical industry’s scope 3 challenge.

Bertrand Conquéret, president of Together for Sustainability

Sigreen is part of the open, digital business platform Siemens Xcelerator.

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