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Siegwerk further expands its coatings portfolio


Siegwerk further expands its coatings portfolio

Siegwerk, one of the world’s leading suppliers of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels, is further expanding its strategic focus on coatings. The company recently bundled all of its recyclable coating solutions into a new product portfolio.

Source: European Coatings

With the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), the European Union (EU) is clearly defining the future of packaging in the direction of a circular economy. From 2030, packaging that cannot be recycled may no longer be sold in the EU. It is therefore essential to rethink packaging structures in terms of their recyclability. Functional printing varnishes are an important building block in this process.

Siegwerk utilises its position in the packaging supply chain to develop solutions that meet the current and future requirements of paper, board and film manufacturers as well as converters and brand owners.

Especially in light of the increasing importance of sustainability, functional coatings offer enormous potential for the future of packaging.

Gilles Le Moigne, Head of Business Unit CE Coatings at Siegwerk

In addition to improved production efficiency, functional printing varnishes can, for example, help to replace additional layers of material and thus reduce the complexity of packaging. They can also add functional properties to renewable raw materials such as paper, making them usable for a wider range of packaging applications. Functional coatings are therefore particularly important for the transition from plastic to paper (“paperisation”) – one of the most discussed trends in view of the growing consumer awareness of sustainable packaging.

Recyclable packaging

Siegwerk is convinced that a true circular economy for packaging can only be achieved through collaboration along the entire value chain. The company can already look back on numerous development projects that have led to advanced packaging solutions with improved performance and recyclability. Together with Henkel, for example, Siegwerk has developed an innovative oxygen barrier coating that enables mono-material packaging solutions with better recyclability and barrier properties.

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