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Sibur to update its benzene production


Sibur to update its benzene production

Sibur Kstovo plans to reconstruct its benzene separation plant with the introduction of an extractive distillation unit. Public hearings on the project were held last week - Rupek reports.

As part of the project, brand new equipment will be installed in place of what is now obsolete, which will especially allow for the extraction of non-aromatic hydrocarbons as a product and increase the productivity of the facility. The company has not yet given an exact time frame for the completion of the work.

The upcoming reconstruction will increase the productivity, safety and environmental sustainability of the existing benzene separation plant

Pyotr Gusev, Project Manager, Sibur Kstovo

It has been noted that after the renovation, hygiene standards will not be overlooked. The entire volume of additional outflow will be treated at the company's local treatment facilities and sent to other urban treatment facilities. The impact of the installation on ground and land use conditions will not change.

In September 2019, SIBUR and Sulzer LTD signed an agreement to provide licensed benzene pyrolysis processing technologies for the update on benzene production at the Kstovo plant.

The agreement covers the involvement of Sulzer GTC in the design of a new plant for the extraction of aromatic compounds using GT-BTX technology, as well as in the reconstruction of the existing plant for the production of benzene, including the fractioning, first and second stage hydro-treating and thermal hydro-dealkylation.

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