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Sharing data from Northern Lights well


Sharing data from Northern Lights well

The Northern Lights project will disclose datasets from the confirmation well 31/5-7 Eos drilled in the North Sea and completed earlier this year. Extensive amounts of data have been acquired through coring, logging, sampling and a production test. Source: Equinor

Equinor is developing the Northern Lights project with Shell and Total as equal partners.

Willing to share knowledge in a transparent manner the Northern Lights projects partners have decided to give open access to 31/5-7 Eos well data and make such data available for download.

Project director Sverre Overå

The Northern Lights project believes data sharing can play an important role in building trust in the technology as well as unlocking value and innovation potential in the CCS industry.

Sverre Overå, Project Director

Disclosing the Northern Lights dataset is in line with our focus on external collaboration and more open innovation. We believe open innovation will contribute to new ideas and new digital solutions enabling acceleration of decarbonisation of the world’s energy systems. We encourage data sharing to support partners, suppliers and academia with the latest data and developments in the industry.

Torbjørn Folgerø, Chief Digital Officer, Equinor
Torbjørn Folgerø, Chief Digital Officer, Equinor

The data acquired from drilling well 31/5-7 confirmed a suitable reservoir for the storage of CO2.

The gathered data will be made available via Equinor’s OMNIA platform. The released data discloses relevant subsurface data including well log data, core data and well test data. They can be used by interested parties for evaluation and research for the benefit of the emerging CCS business.

The dataset comprises approximately 850 files and more than 83 Gigabytes, and can be accessed through the Equinor data portal.

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