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Schlumberger and Dataiku have entered into a technology partnership for enterprise-scale AI


Schlumberger and Dataiku have entered into a technology partnership for enterprise-scale AI

Schlumberger and Dataiku have entered into an exclusive technology partnership that will enable the E&P industry to build and deploy their artificial intelligence (AI) solutions across the full breadth of their upstream workflows within the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, OilandGasMiddleEast.com reports.

The partnership will deliver unprecedented capabilities to petrotechnical domain experts in response to the global demand for AI, bridging the gap between machine learning and domain expertise to enable better insights.

The industry will have access to an innovation platform where data scientists can accelerate the deployment of new solutions across their organizations.

Combining existing Schlumberger digital tools and solutions with the proven enterprise AI technology from Dataiku means a ready-to-deploy full machine learning solution will be available at an enterprise scale to the E&P industry.

The technology partnership between Dataiku and Schlumberger will accelerate innovation in our industry. Democratizing AI at enterprise scale enables our customers to rapidly create new ways of working to gain powerful new insights from their planning and operations data and workflows. We are empowering industry professionals who have first-hand understanding of E&P challenges with the ability to amplify differentiation by creating impactful, fit-for-purpose AI solutions themselves. The ability to prototype, prove, and deploy innovative solutions across oil and gas operations is now a possibility for all.

Trygve Randen, president, Software Integrated Solutions, Schlumberger

Florian Douetteau, Dataiku CEO, said that the partnership “means further accelerating and expanding the application of leading AI capabilities for users of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment.”

The game-changing solutions enabled for data-driven projects will deliver new insights and rapid business impact for the upstream sector. At Dataiku, we’re excited to enter a partnership where our vision of democratizing AI in the enterprise through collaboration across the business so closely matches the open approach of Schlumberger in digitally transforming workflows for the E&P industry.

Florian Douetteau, CEO, Dataiku

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