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SAP enables Phillips 66 digital transformation


SAP enables Phillips 66 digital transformation

 SAP SE today announced that Phillips 66 Company chose SAP to deploy industry-leading solutions to enable its digital transformation. Goals included maximizing profitable decision-making, mitigating commodity risk, managing capital, and increasing visibility at the most granular level along the hydrocarbon value chain. - SAP

Phillips 66 turned to SAP to leverage solutions that can be deployed in the cloud to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunity of fluctuations in crude oil prices. Another challenge is to meet the significant increase in demand for refined petroleum products.

Advanced, integrated digital systems and processes are required to drive transparency, resilience and agility of the hydrocarbon supply chain in this highly volatile market. SAP’s collaboration with Phillips 66 helps to unlock and accelerate business and energy transformation opportunities for a sustainable energy transition by creating real-time visibility along the value chain.

Peter Maier, President, Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP SE

The project included new digital processes encompassing hydrocarbon value chain optimization with updated business operating models, capital project execution, business-driven analytics, integrated logistics, digital operations and maintenance and application rationalization. Changing business operations to be more sustainable is one of the benefits companies can realize through digital transformation.

Our goal at Phillips 66 is to gain insights and capture as much value as possible from our hydrocarbon operations. We want to not only maintain but increase our leadership in operational excellence across all business operations and functions.

Zhanna Golodryga, Executive Vice President, Emerging Energy and Sustainability, Phillips 66

In her previous role at Phillips 66, Golodryga led the company’s digital transformation efforts.

The new system impacts most of Phillips 66’s 13,000 employees across its North American and international locations.

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