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SABIC will produce certified circular polymers in Netherlands


SABIC will produce certified circular polymers in Netherlands

SABIC and Plastic Energy, a U.K.-based company that is pioneering chemical plastics recycling, have announced plans to start engineering and constructing a commercial unit in the Netherlands that will produce SABIC’s certified circular polymers, part of its Trucircle portfolio, which are made from mixed and used plastics - published Recycling Today

According to a news release from Plastic Energy, the new unit will be based in Geleen, the Netherlands, and is expected to be operational in the second half of 2022.

The project is a 50/50 joint venture called “SPEAR” (SABIC Plastic Energy Advanced Recycling BV) and is being executed with a top sector energy subsidy from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands.

Advancements in this pioneering project take us one step closer to driving the change needed to become a circular global industry. We have overcome significant external, global challenges to reach this important milestone and remain fully committed to closing the loop on used plastic.

Fahad Al Swailem, Vice President of Polyethylene and Sales, SABIC

Plastic Energy says SABIC has worked with it and other leading customers and converters to produce and commercialize certified circular polymers since 2019. The new unit will enable SABIC to scale up production of certified circular polymers to provide customers with more access to sustainable materials.

It has been an exciting journey in making our vision of building advanced recycling plants come to life, and we are delighted to announce the construction of this new facility with SABIC. We have worked jointly with SABIC towards our common goal of making plastics more sustainable and moving towards a more circular economy for plastics.

Carlos Monreal, Founder and CEO, Plastic Energy

According to Plastic Energy, SABIC’s certified circular polymers are produced using Plastic Energy’s advanced recycling technology to convert low-quality, mixed plastics into Tacoil. SABIC will use the Tacoil produced in the new commercial unit in its production process as an alternative to traditional fossil materials.

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