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Repsol won circular polymers award


Repsol won circular polymers award

The Brussels-based Polymers for Europe Alliance has selected Spain-based Repsol as the winner of a Best Polymer Producers Award in the Circularity category for 2020. Source: RecyclingToday

We are proud to say that the number of participants continued to rise for the fourth year in a row since the start of the awards in 2016, congratulates Repsol for winning the overarching award on Circularity covering all polymer types.

Ron Marsh, Chair of the Polymers for Europe Alliance

Repsol has forged a partnership with plastics recycler Acteco to develop a project to increase the capacity of a recycled materials production plant Acteco owns in Alicante, Spain.

The recycled products from the Alicante plant will be included in the polyolefins of the Repsol Reciclex product line, which Repsol says are “designed for high-value applications and those with high technical requirements.”

Repsol also has reached an agreement with Torrelavega, Spain-based plastic packaging producer Grupo Armando Alvarez Group (GAA) to jointly develop processes to create recycled-content polyolefins to be used in packaging applications.

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