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Repsol-led consortium announces Spanish inter-territorial hydrogen network


Repsol-led consortium announces Spanish inter-territorial hydrogen network

The Repsol-led Spanish Hydrogen Network (Shyne) announced Monday the launch of the Ebro Hydrogen Corridor, with plans to connect hydrogen networks across Spain into a larger hydrogen economy. - UpstreamOnline

The network will bring together the Aragon Hydrogen Valley, the Hydrogen Valley of Catalonia, the Basque Hydrogen Corridor and the Green Hydrogen Agenda of Navarre to attract new investments and improve competitiveness, Repsol said.

The initiative targets the installation of 400 megawatts of renewable hydrogen production by 2025 and 1.5 gigawatts by 2030. Shyne will provide support to new projects developed under this initiative.

The hydrogen economy is here to stay, and the commitment of territories, companies and industries like yours provide critical solutions that will be able to produce up to 70% or 80% of the hydrogen we need in our country. Having corridors that unite the hydrogen valleys, industrial capacity and end uses to test, expand and grow are absolutely crucial.

Spanish vice president and minister for ecological transition and the demographic challenge, Teresa Ribera, during a presentation of the initiative

Regional ministers from Spain signed a public manifesto to support the initiative after it was announced.Article continues below the advert

The initiative also puts a focus on renewable hydrogen products in its end use. It plans to reach an annual production target of 250,000 tonnes of products from renewable hydrogen, such as methanol, ammonia and synthetic fuels, by 2030.

The consortium will also develop 20 hydrogen fuelling stations by 2025 and 100 by 2030.

The project opens opportunities in the economic field, will involve an investment of more than €1.3 billion (US$1.43 billion) until 2026, and will generate more than 1340 direct and 6700 indirect jobs. Above all, it will accelerate the energy transition and form part of the solution to energy needs. If all the territories join forces in the same direction, the achievements will be of great significance.

Arantxa Tapia, the minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the regional government of the Basque Country

Shyne will deploy projects in 10 autonomous communities in Spain with a total investment of €3.23 billion (US$3.54 billion), allowing cross-border projects with southern France to support renewable hydrogen storage and transport.

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