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Repsol and Celonis collaborate to accelerate Repsol’s digital transformation


Repsol and Celonis collaborate to accelerate Repsol’s digital transformation

The energy company Repsol and Celonis, the global leader in execution management, have established an agreement to optimize the management of processes in the Spanish energy giant's businesses in order to offer a better, faster and more efficient service. - Celonis

The Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) reveals and fixes process inefficiencies. It provides the data and intelligence to understand what to fix first, and the right actions to take to remove the inefficiencies silently killing performance. By connecting data across systems, apps, and desktops, the Celonis EMS will accelerate digitization and drive asset optimization for Repsol.

In 2021, Repsol announced it would commercialize ARiA, a proprietary cloud-based data and analytics platform, to help customers deploy and accelerate the use of big data and artificial intelligence in their businesses. Repsol will now leverage Celonis alongside the ARiA platform to reduce the time it takes to turn data-driven insights into business value and accelerate transformation.

This collaboration opens up new possibilities to gain transparency and visibility into process variants that impact efficiency in real-time, enabling greater innovation and agility, as well as the ability to simplify Repsol's operations and increase the efficiency of its processes.

The Celonis EMS is a highly secure, hyperconnected, fast and scalable cloud platform that seamlessly integrates three main components: real-time data, process intelligence and targeted action. Using the EMS, Repsol stands to deliver phenomenal business performance in a very short period of time across the top line, bottom line, and green line.

Repsol and Celonis will co-innovate in the following three focus areas:

  • Asset optimization and co-development. This includes pre-packaged functionalities for excellence in the Global Services function within Repsol, as well as a focus on time-to-value and ease of implementation for Repsol customers.
  • Energy assets. Repsol and Celonis will co-develop new assets for the energy sector, based on Repsol’s inputs.
  • New product functionalities. Repsol will combine its analytical capacities with Celonis’ real-time data processing, benchmarking, and best practices to enhance its products.

The visibility we gain with Celonis allows us to accelerate the pace of our digital transformation, reducing the time spent turning knowledge into action. In addition, this opens up new possibilities to solve inefficiencies and improve business performance, in real time and on a global scale. Together, we are making significant progress in Repsol's transformation. Celonis is an important partner and has integrated perfectly into our way of working - helping our needs on the one hand, and on the other working in a co-innovation model that allows us to explore and drive new joint initiatives.

Ana Torres, Director of IT & Digital Business Partner Corporation and Commercial Economic Services at Repsol

Our collaboration with Repsol seeks to advance co-innovation and optimize business processes. We are working with Repsol to improve productivity and control in several processes and, more globally, to drive their business transformation by improving business performance. Operational progress has already materialized and we have a joint vision that will enable even greater benefits for Repsol from our co-innovation focus areas.

Javier Díaz, Vice President and Sales Country Leader Iberia at Celonis

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