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JGC Corporation to conduct a study to reduce emissions for Petronas


JGC Corporation to conduct a study to reduce emissions for Petronas

JGC Holdings Corporation has announced that its overseas EPC operating company, JGC Corporation, has been selected by the Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security to conduct a study on the development of techniques and methods to control and reduce methane and other GHG emissions at offshore production facilities of Petronas.

Source: JGC Corporation

JGC Holdings Corporation announced that its subsidiary, JGC Corporation, was selected by the Japan Organization for Metals and Energy Security to research reducing methane and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at offshore production facilities. This study particularly targeted offshore natural gas production facilities of Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS).

Between November 2023 and March 2024, JGC Corporation employed advanced technologies, including its HiGHGuard® GHG emissions quantification service, to develop an optimal method for measuring methane emissions at these facilities. Despite the challenging conditions, the company's expertise in GHG emissions quantification played a crucial role in the project.

JGC Corporation also collaborated with PETRONAS to develop top-down measurements for facility-wide methane emissions using drones, fixed sensors, and other tools. These technologies were tested in an R&D centre of JGC Holdings.

The company has established partnerships with Aeromon (Finland) and SeekOps (U.S.) for drone-based methane emissions measurements, and with Project Canary (U.S.) and SLB (U.S.) for employing fixed sensors.

In response to the Global Methane Pledge launched in September 2021, efforts are underway to reduce methane emissions, which have a much higher global warming potential than CO2. Thus, reducing GHG emissions across the natural gas production chain is of paramount importance.

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As a leading technical service provider for natural gas processing and LNG production facilities, the JGC Group has contributed to the design and construction of all onshore LNG plants in Malaysia for nearly four decades.

The group has also gained insights and experience in detecting and quantifying methane emissions and reducing overall GHG emissions. In February 2023, the first facility in Asia for evaluating technologies to detect and quantify methane leaks from oil and gas facilities was established at a JGC Holdings R&D centre.

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