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Pyrowave introduces nanopurification technology a revolutionary short-loop chemical recycling innovation


Pyrowave introduces nanopurification technology a revolutionary short-loop chemical recycling innovation

On the sideline of the Chemical Recycling Europe Forum 2023, Pyrowave is proud to introduce its revolutionary Nanopurification Technology. Applied to plastic waste, this technology operates at the molecular level to remove contaminants from polymers with perfect control on purified resins. It specifically addresses a challenge faced by most plastic waste recyclers including advanced recycling: the presence of contaminants in plastic waste and in pyrolysis oil.

Source: Pyrowave

In a world grappling with the growing concern of plastic pollution, one of the limiting factors caping the scaling of plastic recycling is the inability to secure feedstock compatible with level of purity required in end applications. Notably, a recent United Nations report has highlighted the challenges of handling hazardous chemicals present in plastics – additives and contaminants that represent major concerns to human health and the environment. Pyrowave’s solution offers a plastic waste pre-treatment to purify the resins that can be used in advanced recycling methods sensitive to contaminants, or directly into final applications. This breakthrough approach has the potential to expand the range of recyclable plastics, including plastics with various contaminants and additives such as heavy metals, inorganic pigments, halogens, and flame retardants.

We cannot sit and do nothing as the plastic pollution crisis escalates and the recycling rates are barely improving. As a pioneer of this industry, we are addressing the key challenge limiting the scaling of advanced recycling techniques by providing a groundbreaking nanopurification technology that will be driving real change for a cleaner, healthier planet.

Jocelyn Doucet, CEO of Pyrowave

Revolutionizing recycling: How Nanopurification Works

Pyrowave's nanopurification methodology draws inspiration from pharmaceutical purification technologies, capitalizing on the significant size disparity between polymers and most additives found in the compounds. The technology tables on the large difference in size and solubility to separate additives from polymers using the most advanced nanofiltration membranes. Unlike conventional dissolution methods reliant solely on solubility, Pyrowave's patent-pending technology enables simultaneous removal of various contaminants, all while maintaining meticulous control over the endpoint. It results in a process that is simpler, tailored to our clients’ specifications, more energy efficient and economical.

Pionneering a Greener Future

To debottleneck the access to plastic feedstock, Pyrowave standardizes the material upstream to be compliant with most advanced recycling process. In addition, the purified product can also be used directly in end-applications. Pyrowave has successfully demonstrated this technology by decontaminating polymers and supplying high-quality recycled plastics to industries requiring strict compliance, including food-contact applications. The innovation can be used as a stand-alone to purify various plastic waste feedstocks or as a pre-treatment upstream of its microwave depolymerization process, for example.

Powered by electricity, Pyrowave’s new technology is low-carbon with approximatively 95% GHG emissions reduction compared to the virgin production of resins, and produces 100% traceable resins. Pyrowave’s solution enables higher recycling rates, less harmful substances in the environment and less GHG emissions than needed to produce virgin plastics. Pyrowave’s innovation holds the promise of reshaping the plastic recycling landscape by addressing head-on the pressing environmental issue of toxic contaminants in plastics.

Backed by over 10 years of experience, Pyrowave is eager to collaborate with like-minded partners to build a sustainable and circular economy that maximizes the value of plastic waste. Reach out today to learn more about Pyrowave’s nanopurification technology.

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