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PureCycle, Orlando Magic partner to recycle plastic


PureCycle, Orlando Magic partner to recycle plastic

A pair of Orlando, Florida-based entities have announced a partnership to recycle polypropylene (PP). - RecyclingToday

In the effort to divert plastic scrap from Central Florida landfills and waterways, the Orlando Magic will implement PureCycle Technologies Inc.’s PureZero waste program at its arena, the Amway Center. PureCycle says PureZero is a first-of-its-kind plastic material recycling program geared toward stadiums and entertainment venues.

The Magic will be the first NBA team to utilize the program, according to PureCycle. The company says its aim is to process PP items commonly found in the Amway Center, such as souvenir cups and food containers, that are typically difficult and costly to recycle because they may contain leftover food and liquid.

PureCycle says its process removes color, odors and impurities from PP items to create an ultra-pure recycled (UPR) plastic that can be recycled multiple times.

With the adoption of our PureZero program, the Amway Center can help close the loop on plastic waste generated at each game. As an Orlando-based company, we are proud to work with the Magic. They are an organization deeply committed to sustainability, and we look forward to helping them tackle the plastic waste crisis right here in our own backyard.

PureCycle CEO Dustin Olson

As part of the PureZero program, the Magic will stock Amway Center concessions with PP products. PureCycle says that once it recycles those products, a truly circular recycling system will be achieved.

The Orlando Magic are thrilled to partner with PureCycle and continue in our quest to be champions off the court. With our home arena, the Amway Center, achieving LEED Gold certification, this partnership underscores our commitment to sustainability. By implementing PureCycle’s PureZero program, we are helping end plastic waste pollution in the region. We are not simply recycling with PureCycle; we are helping change the culture of single-use plastic.

Magic Vice President of Global Partnerships J.T. McWalters

The partnership with the Magic is the latest in the Central Florida region for PureCycle, which recently announced it will work with the League of Women Voters in Velusia, Seminole and Orange counties to recycle plastic campaign signs throughout this month.

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