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Pellenc ST opens North Carolina test center


Pellenc ST opens North Carolina test center

A producer of sorting machinery for the recycling industry, Pertuis, France-based Pellenc ST has opened a new test center in Pineville, North Carolina, that it says will help meet the demands of industrial testing. The company held an inauguration for the new facility Nov. 10. - RecyclingToday

According to Pellenc St, the new 6,000-square-foot industrial demonstrator site will include its latest intelligent sorting equipment. Two of the company’s machines will be available to study the best sorting strategies and ensure the quality of the sorted flows. Through a partnership with Uzwil, Switzerland-based Buhler Group, Buhler’s Sortex A GlowVision optical sorter also will be available to help customers carry out tests on plastic flakes.

This building is also made available to packaging producers to validate the ‘sortability’ of materials in the real-life conditions of a sorting center. We support manufacturers in the development of test protocols while providing diagnostics and recommendations for improvement.

Harry White, the head of Pellenc ST’s American subsidiary

Pellenc ST says it has 2,000 machines installed in more than 40 countries and is planning to increase its global presence in the coming years. The company’s President Jean Henin says the opening of the U.S. test center will be followed by the relocation and upgrading of its test center in Japan, as well as the opening of two new facilities in Australia and the U.K. by 2024.

The aim is to increase proximity to our clients and enable them to benefit from our latest technologies directly on their territory.

Henin says

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