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Optime Subsea secures contract with Equinor for ROCS system


Optime Subsea secures contract with Equinor for ROCS system

Optime Subsea, a leading player in innovative solutions for the subsea industry, has entered into a significant contract with Equinor for the delivery of its groundbreaking Remote Operated Controls System (ROCS). This contract represents a significant step forward for Optime Subsea, who collaborate with operator Equinor and its partner Ithaca on the Rosebank field.

Source: Optime Subsea

The ROCS system, developed by Optime Subsea, transforms the installation of production tubing in subsea wells by eliminating the need for umbilicals. This results in significantly safer and faster operations while reducing the need for personnel in the red zone on the rig. This innovative approach holds particular value for deepwater fields like Rosebank.

Optime has already delivered multiple ROCS systems and observes that this is gradually becoming a new standard method for such operations.

We continue to position ourselves by producing up to 10 systems per year to meet the future needs of the market.

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea

Equinor’s Rosebank field is a deepwater field located west of Shetland in the British sector of the North Sea with challenging weather conditions. This requires advanced technological solutions to simplify installation and reduce installation time.

The planned operation for the implementation of ROCS on the Rosebank field is scheduled for June 2025. This marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between Optime Subsea and Equinor, representing the first ROCS contract between the two companies.

We are thrilled to have entered into this contract with Equinor and to introduce the ROCS system to the Rosebank field. Our technology not only provides increased safety and efficiency but also represents a crucial step toward a sustainable and innovative future for the subsea industry.

Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea

This contract marks the beginning of a new chapter and underscores Optime Subsea’s position as a leading innovator in the industry.

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